Jennifer Granat


I have had an interest in all aspects of art and art making since I was a child.  Early exposure included going to galleries and museums with my mother, herself an artist, and doodling and drawing in my own journals and diaries.  I remember once seeing another child's coloring book, and upon asking for one, my mother replied, why don't you draw your own pictures and color them in?  I've been doing so ever since.

I have studied under a wide variety of notable artist/teachers who were painters, sculptors and master draftsmen/women.  I continue to hone my skills using live models, by sketching outdoors using grey scale pens and water color pencils (there are times I have resorted to using the viscous, spitty water from my dog's water bowl!), by practicing drawing and painting daily, by visiting museums, and finally by watching master craftsmen/artists and women however, whenever and wherever I can, including online and in videos.

Though I sometimes use recycled materials, I believe in a quality, lasting product.  I also believe in art that is built upon disciplined study and knowledgeable craftsmanship, including an acute awareness of things like anatomy, composition and design.  While I sometimes deviate from such formal practice in the classical sense, by letting go of formal analysis in favor of spontaneity and intuition, I am able to delve into more subconscious and pithy realms which I thoroughly enjoy. 

One of my favorite things to do is to rapidly render gestures from live models.  I then put myself to the challenge of translating, into a variety of media, the immediacy and visceral quality of those studies.  I also enjoy sketching in nature as I sit down to rest while on walks with my dogs.  I rarely render the landscape around me in a literal way.  Instead, I work in a more intuitive way adding lines and layers of color until the finished piece is to my liking.  Last, I delight in simply letting go and painting from a fixed pallet completely without any plan or idea in mind,  layering, scraping away, sanding, scratching and glazing until I get an image that pleases me.  My aim at all times is to create visual poetry that delights and intrigues.  The results of all these explorations, range from abstracted forms and landscapes, to more highly developed scenes, figures and portraits that either create visual puns or probe into the mysterious. 

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Thank you.